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Threaded Stories
by Amelia

NYC November 2021

I am an Irish, New York based artist specialising in bespoke embroidery art. 

My style is whimsical and playful, displaying a bold sense of colour and a love of the cosmos. 

I create unique, hand-stitched heirloom pieces. My work is characterised by an intuitive use of colour, rich embellishment and unexpected elements.


Each piece is designed to bring a sense of joy and intrigue.


The Story of ACRU


My name is Amelia Dennigan and I am decorative artist specialising in embroidered artworks and kids decor.


Story-telling is what I do; I design and make unique pieces of art that are playful and otherworldly, rich in mysticism and colour. Using traditional hand embroidery and appliqué techniques, each piece is highly textural and stimulating for young and mature minds alike.


 I am inspired by nature, colour, the sky, mythology and the world seen through my son's eyes. I create so that I may be able to enliven the everyday, and bring a little magic into the world.